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Hub schools for Key workers

Important key worker childcare update available at




Hub schools for key workers 

Parents have been contacted by the Authority directly and information has been shared regarding the arrangements for children of key workers for the rest of this week.  If you have had notification to attend a Hub school tomorrow/Friday please note that the Head Teachers at the hub schools will be asking the questions in the flow chart below when you arrive.  Please read these questions carefully as the Heads of the hub schools do not wish to upset families and their children if they turn up in error.  Please note that Hub Schools have been organised centrally and that the school does not currently have information regarding offers to families. 

Please, please make sure you use this flow chart to decide if you are eligible for childcare/schooling.

Supporting pupils during COVID 19

This is a time of uncertainty and a lot of our pupils will be feeling anxious about what is going on. Please find these links and documents to support our pupils during this time.

https://paautism.org/resource/social-distancing-social-story/   The characters in this story looks like adults, reinforcing the fact that everyone is doing it, including parents at home.  

The Emerging Minds Network is committed to reducing the prevalence of mental health problems experienced by children and young people. As part of that, they hope to promote wellbeing through sharing positive practice and information.