Welcome to Gilmerton Primary School

Our School:

Head Teacher: Ms Rebecca Annand

Depute Head Teachers: Ms Fiona Vacher and Ms Alet Bouwer

Principal Teacher: Ms Amy Leitch

Address:  2 Moredun Dykes Road, Edinburgh, EH17 8 NQ

Email address:  admin@gilmerton.edin.sch.uk

Telephone Number: 0131 664 3614


Our Values and Vision:

Within a caring community, Gilmerton Primary School aims to promote a love of learning that will evolve and continue for life.  The school motto ‘learning for life’ embodies this aim.  Our school values encourage us to be respectful, resilient and responsible.

Our vision at Gilmerton Primary is school is that:

  • All children are happy, enjoy their education and are able to fulfil their potential
  • Are members of a supportive, safe and caring environment
  • Promote achievement, attainment and creativity
  • Achieve both within and out with the classroom
  • We meet the needs of all learners
  • Take pride in our community and our place in it and are able to be effective contributors within it
  • Value the contributions of pupils, parents and others involved in the life of the school
  • To develop learning for life


School context


Gilmerton Primary School serves the south east area of Edinburgh and the current school has been open since 1968.  There is a broad, mixed catchment, and there is currently a large amount of housing regeneration in close proximity to the school, alongside a significant amount of housing required within the area as part of the local development plan and this will see the role continue to rise.  The school feeds directly into Liberton High School but part of our catchment has duel cluster status and feeds into Gracemount High School.  Our expected roll for 2017-18 is 560 pupils (including 110 nursery pupils).  The school will continue to grow until 2019 when an additional new school is planned to open in the neighbouring Alnwickhill area.  The new school impacts on our current school catchment and our school should be phased back down to a 2-stream school starting in 2019.

The Spinney Lane Nursery School as purpose-built and opened in 1977 to replace Craigour Nursery School.  The nursery school is part of a small private housing development off Gilmerton Road and the grounds back on to the school playground.  The nursery serves and area which comprises a mixture of owner occupied and rented accommodation and has a broad social mix of families.  The nursery has 60 children attending the morning sessions and 50 in the afternoons.  Both sessions last for 3 hours 10 minutes and there is a mixture of pre-school and ante pre-school children in each.

The school manages the Spinney Lane Nursery. Parents wishing a place at nursery should contact 664 9102 directly.