Aztec stationery holder

Welcome back to Virtual Room 13! I hope you had a restful Easter break! Here is your next creative project. Aztec design stationary holder.

◦ What you’ll need: pencil, scissors, rubber, ruler, A3 paper, colouring pencils, small paint brush & jar of water (optional), 3 toilet rolls, Pringles tube, black felt pen. PVA glue or a glue gun

Firstly- use the breadth your ruler to draw a beam that goes across the bottom of your paper at portrait position. Give it a gap on each side so it’s within the paper.

Now draw a zig zag shape across the beam.

Colour the background green. I’ve used watercolour pencils – if you have some at home use them!

It should look something like this

Now colour the zig zag dark blue

Now measure out 1.5 cm bars above and below your new shape.

Colour them red

Add another ruler breadth above this- on top of this add another 1.5 cm bar. Now, mark 1 cm points along your ruler.

Draw vertical lines from these points and colour every other stripe dark brown.

Now colour the remaining stripes warm yellow!

Now add another ruler breadth with a 1.5 cm bar on top. Also, add a line in the middle of the ruler breadth.

Colour the bars red

Draw little circles along the line- about an inch apart.

It should look like this

Add yellow to the circles and colour the background a light orange.

◦ Next add another ruler breadth with another 1.5 cm bar on top.

Mark 1.5 inch along the bottom

◦ Now mark above the middle area of the bottom measurements.

◦ Join them like this to make a dynamic zig zag.

◦ Draw 3 little triangles within the big triangle you’ve created like this! Make sure they are touching in this formation.

Repeat this style

◦ Colour using dark brown and a light tone for the triangles like this.

◦ Add another ruler breadth with a 1.5 cm bar on top.

◦ Now, like before, mark per inch along the bottom.

◦ Add a mark in the middle of each inch at the top.

It should look like this

◦ Now add inner triangles below and above the zig zag.

◦ Now add tiny triangles within those- below and above.

Colour like this in pink

◦ Add another 1.5 cm bar on top.

◦ Now- add on top of this a ruler breadth. Draw a line below the top line about 1 cm.

Draw some little circles flowing along the length

Now colour like this

◦ Next, add another ruler breadth and draw out a zig zag like in the beginning!

Colour the zig zag dark green

And the background light green

◦ Add a 1.5 cm top bar and colour it black. Well done!! Your Aztec design is now complete!

◦ Now, if you have watercolour pencils this is the time to add water and brush over the colour.

This will make your colours really stand out!

It looks more glowing!

◦ Next- take a black felt tip pen and outline all your detail!

It should look something like this

◦ If you want to leave it there then this is a vibrant and eye catching Aztec design for your wall! But what about taking the further challenge of making this picture 3D?! Come back next week to see how!

So here’s the next bit! Aztec design stationary holder. Let’s make your awesome Aztec sheet design 3D! What you’ll need to make your stationary holder: a Pringle tube, 3 toilet rolls, a glue stick, PVA or hot glue gun, silver paint (optional) cereal box card, a brush and scissors.

Firstly, cut the pringles tube in half. (Keep the remainder)

Cut the toilet rolls like stepping stones going down in size like this.

Cut out your fabulous picture!

Cut it up into pieces that measure the length, and roughly the circumference, (that means the measurement all the way around) of each tube.

Now glue around like this! Cut off excess if you need to.

The next…

Like this!

And the next…

Like this!

Now the largest part for the Pringle piece!

You should have some left over to make up a strip like this- roughly around 15 cm.

Now- cut a strip of the piece of Pringles tube you saved! Make it the same size as your strip of Aztec design.

Stick them together!

Now- with your hot glue- stick the pieces together. If you’re using PVA (cold glue) you’ll need to position them and leave over night. Use some weights to keep the pieces in place if you need to!

It should hold like this.

Here’s another angle.

Take your cereal box card.

Draw round your base shape.

Now cut it out. It should look something like this.

Apply glue to the edges of your base shape and position underneath your stationary structure!

If you have it- use your silver paint to paint the insides of your toilet tubes- this will match the Pringle tube!

Finish off by painting the sharpener and eraser well silver too!

And there you have it! A fabulous, funky, fun and functional stationary holder! As ever- please do share your work with us! Keep creating, from Mr Briginshaw 🖼