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Supporting pupils during COVID 19

This is a time of uncertainty and a lot of our pupils will be feeling anxious about what is going on. Please find these links and documents to support our pupils during this time.   The characters in this story looks like adults, reinforcing the fact that everyone is doing it, including parents at home.  

The Emerging Minds Network is committed to reducing the prevalence of mental health problems experienced by children and young people. As part of that, they hope to promote wellbeing through sharing positive practice and information.

Online Learning is all set up!

Good morning Gilmerton families.

Welcome to our first week of Online Learning! The teachers have been working super hard to have lots of exciting activities for you to do at home. Don’t rush through it all today, it is meant to last you all week 🙂 You will find your week’s work in the class pages. Should you run out of work, you will find plenty of useful links too.

Stay safe!