Spectacle – Ed Hyena Mask

Welcome back to Virtual Room 13! Next session: Spectacle, Hyena Mask! Try out this fabulous mask of Ed the giggling hyena. What you’ll need: paper, pencil, glue stick, scissors, watercolour pencils , (regular ones if you like) paint brush, jar of water, cereal box card, yellow crepe paper (optional) black felt tip.

We are going to draw out this drawing of Ed in landscape- A3 ideally. I’m going to guide you through this sketch!

Sketch out these circles! Try to get the sizes as similar in size to these as you can.

Now, with your pencil- draw out this outline, take your time.

Add these shapes…..

Now the nose area- look how close it is to the eyes- make sure you’re looking at what is near to what. This will help you with your structure.

Next, sketch out the mouth shape.

Add the teeth zigzag!

Well done! You’ve drawn it out! Colour the lips black like this.

Now- take your watercolour pencils and start colouring the mask.

Add yellow for the eyes and red for the corners of the mouth.

Brown for these parts.

And finally dark brown for around the eyes and a lighter brown tone for everything else! Now outline your pencil lines with your black felt tip.

If your colouring pencils are watercolour ones, start brushing the tones with clean water. Watch as your work illuminates!

Next, cut out your mask shape. Get an adult to help if it’s too tricky.

Stick your hyena head to your cereal box card with your glue stick.

Now cut it out! If you want to have it as a headdress then measure out a cardboard loop for to ur head- stick the hyena head to this loop and your done! However, why not try out this alternative…..

Get an adult to cut out the eyes for you.

Take your yellow crepe paper….

Cut your crepe paper in to small squares slightly bigger than your cut out eye shapes. Fold the square in half and cut a half circle from the hinge.

They should look something like this.

Position the eye pieces on the back of the mask like this.

Poke some holes on each side of the head and attach some string or coloured wool through them. And there it is! Now you can act out the character of the mischievous hyena Ed! Tip: if you are struggling to see very well through the eyes holes, make them bigger! Can’t wait to see how these will look! I love to see your arty achievements, and as ever, please share your work with us! Keep creating- Mr Briginshaw 🎨