Nala and Pumbaa on stage

Welcome back to Virtual Room 13! Next up- session 5 of The Lion King Experience- focusing on Space. Here I have depicted the relationship between Nala and Pumbaa on stage! This is a 2 piece fold out drawing! Here’s what you’ll need: paper, pencil, black felt tip, ruler, red paper (optional) colouring pencils, glue stick

Take your paper (any size) and turn it landscape. Make a mark for the middle at the top.

Fold one side in line with the center mark.

Now fold the other side in- like a wardrobe!

Now draw with your pencil some curtain details and most of the floor line coming from left to right.

Now, draw out Nala at the top left and Pumbaa coming from the bottom right! Take your time.

Here’s a close up of Nala!

And one of Pumbaa!

Next, draw out the animals shadows, now add an audience at the bottom like this!

Add some pencil colour! Remember to try and leave some of the white paper for highlights.

I’ve make the stage floor green like grass- try it out!

For the curtains I’ve chosen to use red paper (if you don’t have any then just use red pencil colour!) I’ve used my light box to trace the curtain shapes. Remember – you can just use the window if you don’t have one! Cut them out!

And glue in place like this.

Here’s a close up of Pumbaa’s colours! Remember to do your shading and layer different pencil colours too!

Now take a grey and use sweeping pencil strokes like this. It will create the impression of a curving rock from which Nala is leaping!

Sweep across the doors of your paper fold with your grey for more drama!

Add some greens and a little blue and there you have it! A stage scene of the first encounter of Nala and Pumbaa.

Now for my next trick! Here’s what the back view should look like when you open out your doors!

Now turn your piece the right way round with the doors open. Use your light box to trace the stage line.

If you’re using red paper – cut out 2 broader curtain shapes line this. If not- sketch them on!

Stick them on like this.

Now- the tricky part! Try your best to copy out this drawing of Nala and Pumbaa as friends. Take your time.

Add a bigger audience at the bottom!

When that’s sketched out- add colour -paying careful attention to light and shade.

Remember to colour mix- I’ve used oranges and pinks in Pumbaa’s fur!

Theyre starting to come alive!

Now use greens and blues for the jungle background!

Darken the silhouetted audience and give the stage a grey tint.

Here’s a close up of the colours!

And there you have it- the final curtain call for this 2 stage sketch! As ever- share all your fabulous art pieces with us- I’ve loved seeing what’s been coming in so far! Keep creating- Mr Briginshaw 🎨