Primary 1

Welcome to your home learning Primary 1!

Week beginning 30th March

Dear Primary 1 pupils, parents and carers,

Now that we are all starting to settle in to our new routine, the P1 teachers wanted to take this opportunity to write to you to say a big ‘well done!’ for getting through this week. Whether you did all of the activities suggested or none, we understand and appreciate how hard you will all be working to help your children feel safe and have fun during these strange times.

As a team we wanted to offer a little reassurance to you about the amazing progress your children have made since starting school. They have blossomed not only academically, but have become resilient and responsible members of our school community. We understand that you may have concerns about the impact school closure could have upon their progress. Please try not to. The best way that you can maintain your child’s learning at home is to practice key things (numbers, spelling, reading) little but often, complete some of the activities suggested if you can, but most importantly of all, talk, read to and play with your child. Remember that they may be feeling worried or sad, and that traditional learning must always come second to making them feel happy and settled.

We are constantly looking for ideas to help you support your child’s learning at home. At the moment we have provided:

  • SumDog logins for all P1 pupils to access differentiated spelling, reading and numeracy challenges. These challenges are differentiated and will be changed weekly.
  • A grid of Health & Wellbeing activities for you to choose from. We suggest you complete 1 or 2 activities per week.
  • A grid of literacy activities that do not require access to technology. We suggest you choose 1 or 2 of these activities to repeat throughout the week.
  • A grid of numeracy activities (differentiated through SEAL chapters). These again do not require technology to complete.
  • A selection of writing opportunities for your child to choose from. We suggest they complete 1 of these per week.
  • A list of useful websites that you can access at home. For some of these, such as Oxford Owl, log in details have been included on the list.

Once again, we want to reassure you that these are all simply suggestions. We understand that families will all be working within their own unique set of circumstances and will all be doing the best that they can.

We are all missing our classes a lot, and hope that everyone is staying safe. With any luck, we will see you all again soon.

Miss Fleetwood, Miss Horsburgh, Miss Maxwell & Miss Webster