Rafiki’s staff

Welcome back to VR13! Music and Movement- Rafiki’s staff.

What you’ll need: x2 pringles tunes (or similar) scissors, coloured paper, pencil, paint 🎨, tissue paper, textured plastic tray, sellotape, hot/ cold glue, dried lentils. Screwdriver and hammer (parental supervision)

Coloured wool, a green egg box and your most fabulous stick!

Firstly, cut off the top of section the tube. Keep the lid!

Cut off the bottom metal parts of the tube. You should have x2 lids x2 metal bottoms, x2 tip parts of tubes

Now- glue the metal pieces in to the bottom of your small tubes. (You could sellotape for this but make sure it is sealed!)

Pour in some dried lentils- no more than half the tube.

Next, seal on the lids with glue or properly secured sellotape. These are your music making shakers! This type of music is called percussion!

Take some coloured paper (if you don’t have any then just colour in some A4 pieces of white!)

Take an A4 orange paper.

Next, find a textured plastic tray and turn it around – (I’ve used a washed mince meat one).

Now take your brush and yellow paint 🎨

Brush on this colour to your printer!

Print yellow- wait for his to dry- make sure the printer is dried too!

Do the same with white…..

And black…..

And green! This will give you a textured feel for the skin of the percussion fruit! Tip: You could use a splat technique for this effect instead, mine is just a less messy option!

Now try a second one on yellow paper, A4. I’ve used white, green, black and orange!

Rip out 2 mid section pillars from your egg box! Careful- don’t rip too much- you want them intact.

Cut out a jagged shape around the bottom of the egg box pieces. Take your wool- I’ve used green but it could be any colour really!

Cut 2 lengths.

Tie a few knots at the bottoms.

Now, take some tissue and fold it to the height of your shaker. Wrap it around the shaker and secure with sellotape.

Take your orange textured paper (make sure it’s dry) and begin to wrap it up like this.

Tuck in one end like a present 🎁

And tape up.

Do the same to the other side and it should something like this!

Now, get an adult to help you punch a hole in the top of your wrapped shaker- I used a screwdriver and hammer for this.

Do the same on the bottom.

Now take a pokey divise – (I used a paintbrush handle) to thread your wool through. Tip: Hot glue or sellotape the end of the wool to the end of the pokey divise; this will make it super hard to lose it whilst threading! Feed the wool, with unknotted end first, through the bottom hole to the top hole!

It should look like this from the bottom. The Pringle lid may crack beneath so make sure you secure all around with sellotape – this will prevent leaking lentils!

This is a top view.

Now, take one of your egg box stalks and thread it through.

Pull your string taught and glue or tape the stalk down.

Now- repeat the process using your yellow paper!

Don’t forget to affix the stalk to the shaker fruit!

Wow! These will look fab- nearly there!

Take an A4 piece of red paper and cut it in half.

Put the pieces together and fold them in half like this.

Next, draw out this shape- make sure you draw it facing the hinge.

Cut it out.

Now cut feather lines like this along the outside.

Open out your feathers!

Carefully scrape some of the feather strands with closed scissors to curl a few!

Next, take some A5 purple paper.

Fold lengthways in half.

Next, draw out this shape- make sure to have it facing the hinge as before.

Cut it out.

Now cut lines like this for the feather pieces.

As before- curl some of those pieces.

Hot glue or sellotape some lengths of wool to the stalk ends of your feathers.

Tie on the reds first like this.

And add the little purple feather at the top to balance the look.

And there you have it! Rafiki’s staff- try shaking/ moving the staff with different rhythms- it will give a brilliant rattle! As always, a big well done for all your amazing artwork uploads! I love to see how the projects are developing! Keep creating- Mr Briginshaw 🎨