Religious Observance

Gilmerton Primary is a non denominational school.  We do however, as per City of Edinburgh Council policy, have some gatherings and assemblies that would be considered Religious Observance. Parents are entitled to withdraw children from these although we would stress that we consider all of our assemblies to be about the Gilmerton community rather than focussing on the views and beliefs of any faith (or none) over another.  For session 2017-2018 religious observance is planned as follows :

  • 25th August              New Beginnings
  • 6th October              Harvest Thanksgiving
  • 22nd December       Festivals of Light Assembly
  • 23rd March              Easter
  • 15th June                  Eid al-Fitr
  • 29th June                  Summer Assembly

If you wish to withdraw your child/ren from Religious Observance please contact the Head Teacher.