Fox mask

Welcome to virtual Room 13, and now my first arty challenge. Try out this fabulous fox mask. You will need:

✅ 2 pieces of A4 paper

✅ a pencil ✏️

✅ crayons 🖍 or oil pastels (if you have any)

✅ scissors ✂️

✅ glue

Draw out this shape on your first piece of paper. Get an adult to help you if it is tricky! Then cut the shape out

Now, take your next piece of paper and draw out this shape. Ask an adult to help you if it is too tricky.

The dotted lines are for folding – mark these for later. Now draw the nose and mouth like this.

Don’t forget to draw these triangles on the ears.

Now – take your crayons / oil pastels / colour pencils and do your best colouring- remember to add as much detail as you can.

Look how I’ve left around the eyes white – this adds a nice effect! Be confident with your drawing marks when creating the fur. ✍️

Curve the paper above the nose piece round like this. Attach it to itself using the tabs – glue firmly!

Here are the tabs and help showing you how to attach both pieces together.

And finally – the finished mask! Use a hole puncher (or use a pencil and some blue tack) – tie string to the mask and you can wear you mask! Grrr! Please share with us you masks – I’d really like to see them! (Ask a grown up to tweet us at @GilmertonPs or email us

Tip: you don’t have to use the same colour I’ve chosen – let your imagination run wild!

Keep creating!

Mr Briginshaw 🖼

Edit: here are some measurements should you need it