Scar and Mufasa

Now for my next The Lion King Experience project. In session 3 we are looking at conflit between characters- I’ve chosen to depict Scar and Mufasa’s deadly relationship! Try this expressive oil pastel piece! You’ll need: some paper, a pencil, black felt tip, masking tape, oil pastels/ crayons 🖍

Firstly, pencil sketch this picture of Scar and Mufasa in landscape – try to take your time and make it as detailed as you can! Go over it in black felt tip.

Be sure to shade in the dark parts!

Now, if you have a light box- then just use that! If not- use this trick- put your drawing ✍ to the window, using your tape to secure it. Now place over another piece of paper (the same size) and secure that on top. Now you should be able to see through to your drawing!

Take your oil pastels and begin to trace over your guide beneath!

Try using these lighter colours to start with Mufasa!

Add some dark brow and black lines for definition!

Turn off your light box or take the paper down from the window now and then- this will give you a sense of the picture just in oil pastels.

Now try some greys, dark browns and black tones for Scar. Use murky colours to depict his character! But don’t forget to keep his eyes that piercing green!

At this stage you’ve done enough to be able to remove the paper from the trace and go with your instincts!

Remember to outline the eyes and mouth etc for more drama. Have fun with it, I’ve used different colour fragments to add some energy and tie the picture together.

And there we have it! A powerful and ferocious drawing of these waring brothers! If you want- try another trace using just pens or even paint if you have some! You could even try a collage using ripped up pieces of magazines and newspapers! Good luck and please do share your pictures with us! Keep creating. Mr Briginshaw 🎨