School Staff

The School Staff

Head Teacher – Ms Rebecca Annand

Depute Head Teacher – Ms Alet Bouwer

Depute Head Teacher – Ms Fiona Vacher

Principal Teacher – Ms Amy Leitch

Business Manager – Ms Jillian Horner

Administrator – Mrs Karen Devlin

Clerical Assistants – Mrs Elizabeth Whyte and Ms Amanda Bisset

Class Teachers (2020/ 2021)

Primary 1a – Mrs Linda Clarke

Primary 1b – Miss Catriona Webster

Primary 1/2 – Mrs Jennifer McCallum

Primary 2a – Miss Rachel Fleetwood

Primary 2b – Ms Jacqeline Langham

Primary 3a – Mrs Rachel Gibson

Primary 3b – Miss Kirsten Glennie

Primary 3c – Miss Gillian Roxburgh

Primary 3/4 – Miss Gillian Roxburgh

Primary 4a – Mr Lindsay Odie

Primary 4b – Miss Sheila Bain / Ms Amina Santhanam

Primary 5a – Miss Gillian McDonald / Mrs Sarah Douglas

Primary 5b – Miss Amy Leitch / Mrs Hazel McKay

Primary 6a – Mrs Karen James / Miss Amy Leitch

Primary 6b – Mr Iain Smith

Primary 7a – Miss Tanya Williamson

Primary 7b – Miss Stephanie Maxwell

Primary 7c – Mrs Aurica Short

Support for Learning- Ms Clare Young
Support for Learning – Mrs Lesley MacKay

Ms Samia Short – PE

Pupil Support Assistants:

Ms Lynn Boyle

Miss Sarah Brown

Miss Tanya Dowdall

Mrs Carole Hunter

Mrs Sandra Mills

Mrs Maureen Murray

Miss Maddy Kay

Mrs Alison Wood

Mrs Alison Yorkston

Pupil Support Officers:

Ms Jo Rivals

Ms Joy MacKenzie

Artist in Residence:

Mr Paul Briginshaw

Early Years Practitioners:

Mrs Bridget Devlin

Ms Fiona Woods

Service Support Officer- Mr George Duffy