School Staff

The School Staff

Head Teacher – Ms Rebecca Annand

Depute Head Teacher – Ms Alet Bouwer

Depute Head Teacher – Ms Fiona Vacher

Principal Teacher – Ms Stephanie Martin

Business Manager – Ms Karen Reid

Administrators – Mrs Karen Devlin and Ms Amanda Bisset

Clerical Assistant – Mrs Fiona Lee

Class Teachers (2022 / 2023)

Primary 1G – Miss Molly Gordon

Primary 1M- Mrs Jennifer McCallum

Primary 1S – Ms Kirsty Steven

Primary 1W- Miss Catriona Webster

Primary 2G – Mrs Merav Gardi

Primary 2R – Miss Louise Ret

Primary 2/3O – Mr Lindsay Odie

Primary 3BA – Ms Sheila Bain and Mrs Noor Ahmad

Primary 3MD – Miss Gillian McDonald and Ms Maddie Harvey

Primary 4BM – Miss Lisa Bartleman and Mrs Hazel McKay

Primary 4V – Miss Natalie Voss

Primary 5C – Miss Connie Chen

Primary 5M – Miss Stephanie Maxwell

Primary 5R – Miss Gillian Roxburgh

Primary 6JH – Mrs Karen James and Ms Kirsten Horsburgh

Primary 6W – Miss Tanya Williamson

Primary 7Sh – Mrs Aurica Short

Primary 7Sm – Mr. Iain Smith

Support for Learning- Ms Clare Young
Support for Learning – Mrs Lesley MacKay

Ms Samia Short – PE

Pupil Support Assistants:

Ms Safiyya Abas

Mrs Arshia Asfaq

Ms Michelle Blackwell

Mrs Carole Hunter

Mrs Francesca Migliorini

Mrs Sandra Mills

Mrs Annie Napier

Ms Elaine Traill

Mrs Alison Wood

Mrs Alison Yorkston

Miss Ashley Yorkston

Pupil Support Officers:

Ms Jo Rivals

Ms Joy MacKenzie

Artist in Residence:

Mr Paul Briginshaw

Early Years Practitioner:

Miss Nair Nunez

Service Support Officer- Mr Scott Mitchell