Simba on Pride Rock mood board

Welcome back to Virtual Room 13! Session 9, vision/ mood boards! Try this moody painting of Simba on pride rock! What you’ll need: paper, pencil, watercolours, acrylic paint, a a little sponge, brushes, oil pastels.

First, draw out this shredded sun shape- any size you’d like.

Carefully cut out your shape like this- get an adult to help if your struggling.

Now take some orange 🍊 watercolour and brush.

Paint on your paper an orange colour!

Wait for the colour to dry and go over it a few times to enrich the tone if needed.

Now place your stencil over your dried orange colour in the center of your paper.

Use yellow acrylic paint to brush inwards like this!

Cover the whole shape.

It should look something like this.

Next, take a smaller brush and enrich the colour in the split areas of the sun and around its orbit.

This will breathe abit of life back in to it if it’s faded with drying.

Now for the drawing part- draw out this line drawing of Simba at Pride Rock. Take your time and remember to make it fit nicely within the sun 🌞

Next, trace at your window just the rock shape. Create this kind of shape!

Cut it out to make your stencil.

Next, place your stencil over your dried painting. Position it nicely in the corner of your colour- make sure the rock is roughly at the bottom middle area of the sun.

Take your little sponge and pat it thinly with black acrylic paint.

Stamp out on your stencil- leaving it a little misty at the back- this gives it a bit of a fade in.

Now it’s taking shape!

Next- trace out your Simba- make sure to follow the curve of the rock at his feet.

Take care cutting the stencil out- this is a tricky one but well worth the time!

Place the Simba stencil just before the edge of the rock- make sure the feet are connecting to the surface of the rock too.

Again, stamp out with your sponge in black acrylic.

Nearly there!

Tighten up to your lines with a tiny brush- be careful to keep to the shape.

Next, take an organe oil pastel and drag it across these areas shown. Tip: Keep the grainy quality of the pastel that will be created by the rough surface of the acrylic. Don’t drag the oil pastel too many times- you want to give simple mark making. This adds another dimension of light!

Add on some little white highlights of oil pastel and there it is! A glowing portrait of pride! Try using your stencils again with different colours to develop differing moods! You could make a whole collection of these! As always- your work is looking fab and I love seeing your arty achievements- please do share them with us! Keep creating, Mr Briginshaw 🎨