Welcome back to VR13! Session -Language. Here we are depicting Simba‘s dialogue with himself- if he could, what advise would he give his younger self and vice versa! What you’ll need: paper, pencil, rubber, black felt tip, colouring pencils.

Firstly- we’re going to draw our young Simba. I’m going to guide you on this drawing ✍ step by step!

Turn your paper landscape- now sketch these circles and ovals in the bottom righthand corner – leave a margin!

Now draw out this shape on your top 3 circles.

Fill in these details to complete the face.

Focus on the curves of these sweeping contouring lines- take time to draw Simba’s paws 🐾

Now add some further detail lines to connect to form together! Draw on a tail tip.

Connect a sweeping tail to the tip!

Next rub out your pencils lines.

Start highlighting with an electrifying yellow.

Add some weight with these black and brown tones!

Enrich the drawing with further pencil strokes.

Finally- add pitch by adding dark brown and black tones- I’ve added some blue to give the piece more strength and presence. Anchor him with a shadow!

Now for grown up Simba! Sketch out these shapes in the bottom left hand corner. Again- remember to leave a margin.

Firstly draw out these face pieces.

Next add the curved sweeping lines of his mane and beginning of his body.

Draw out the strong front legs, pay attention to the curve of the lines.

Add the the back legs, look at the negative shapes created between his legs- use these to help you make the most accurate form!

Add the tail and tip!

Rub out your pencil lines.

The 2 should be positioned something like this!

Now for the colour! Use an orange to begin basic tone.

Use a dark brown to add pitch to the mane- leave spaces like this.

Take your time with these highlights and details of the face.

Next, use an electrifying yellow to fill the form with light!

Add some pitch by using dark brown around the edges of Simba’s form. Sketch on some blue to the gaps left in the mane!

Pay attention to the darkest points now- look at the sharp shadows I’ve drawn- this will give your piece a solid look!

Finally add an anchoring shadow- now they are complete! Sketch some speech bubbles like this and write in what you think the dialogue could be. I’ve loved seeing your work as it’s come through these past weeks, you’ve done so well! As ever, keep sharing your awesome artwork with us! Keep creating, Mr Briginshaw 🎨