Zazu bird

Welcome back to Virtual Room 13! As part of your ‘The Lion King Experience’ learning- I’ve put together your first art project!

Zazu bird! What you’ll need: pencil, rubber, sharpener, colouring pencils, A4 paper (at least 5 pieces) black felt tip, glue stick and scissors.

First, draw out Zazu’s face by copying my drawing ✍ on landscape A4 paper. Take your time and make sure you use the whole of the page!

Next, copy out this wing- again choose landscape A4 and use all the space on the paper you can!

Now- here’s a trick. Take your first wing sketch and turn it around. Now put it to the window and with another piece of paper on top, trace what you see! This will give you an exact mirror copy.

Next, copy the tail shape again on landscape A4- fill the space!

These pieces are arranged something like this. Overlap slightly as a test silhouette.

They are connected by the body piece, this is smaller. Overlap your wings and tail and you’ll have a better idea of how big this should be! Draw it out!

Now let’s get started on colouring! Rich blue for around the eye.

Orange to yellow above the eye.

Next, use sweeping pencil strokes of orange to create a sense of curve in the beak.

Sharpen this with a blended red at the end of the beak, next develop the colour by using yellow to soften the tone of the mouth. Use a light brown to add shade at the bottom.

Add some orange and yellow for the side and purple for the other details.

Now, use a vibrant red for the ends of the wings – develop this to a yellow. Use orange to blend the two.

Take a black to add tone on either side of the white strip at the tip of the wing.

Colour in your body piece blue like this- try to add some tone. Cut this out. Make sure to leave a tail piece.

Now cut out all your pieces of Zazu! Get a grown up to help you if your struggling.

Arrange Zazu like this.

Now overlap your pieces and glue in to position!

Take your cereal box piece…..

And cut in to these shapes, keep on measuring this against your bird so it fits the shape you’ve created.

Now attach the pieces together with masking/ sellotape.

Attach the cereal box shape to the back of Zazu using masking/ sellotape like this.

And there you have it! Ideally, attach the bird to a tall stick (or whatever you have to hand) that you can fly in the sky- this is how they perform on stage! Or just hold Zazu in your hand- the wings should flap!! I can’t wait to see how these look so please do share with us! Keep creating. Mr Briginshaw